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洛克兰县也是做生意的理想之处,此处各种服务和组织齐全,可帮助企业兴旺发达。例如,洛克兰商业协会 (Rockland Business Association) 为该县商界中的 1000 名成员提供知识、信息以及各种有益的服务。洛克兰县工业发展署 (Rockland County Industrial Development Agency, IDA) 和洛克兰经济发展公司 (Rockland Economic Development Corporation, REDC) 也提供信息、资源以及实践专业知识,以及广泛的相关服务和激励措施,以帮助企业在洛克兰投资或将生意做大。

Working Here

Rockland County is home to a mix of businesses in the fields of health, retail, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, construction, research, and more. Because of its geographical location, many Rockland County residents also find it easy to commute to jobs in New York City, or to Westchester County across the Hudson River.

Rockland County is also a desirable place to own a business, with services and organizations to help businesses prosper and flourish. For example, the Rockland Business Association educates, informs, and provides beneficial services to its 1,000 members among the County’s business community. The Rockland County Industrial Development Agency (IDA) and the Rockland Economic Development Corporation (REDC) also provide information, resources, and hands-on expertise, as well as a wide range of related services and incentives to help businesses invest or expand its footprint in Rockland.



洛克兰县有 8 个公立学区:Clarkstown、East Ramapo、Nanuet、North Rockland、Nyack、Pearl River、Ramapo 和 South Orangetown。除了这些学区的小学、中学和高中以外,还有约 70 所私立和教区学校,孩子们可以在这里从幼儿园(5 岁)一直上到高中(18 岁)。

此外,在洛克兰县有多所很有名的学院:多米尼加学院 (Dominican College);爱奥那学院 (Iona College)、洛克兰研究生中心 (Rockland Graduate Center);长岛大学 (Long Island University) 洛克兰研究生院;尼亚克学院 (Nyack College);以及圣托马斯阿奎那学院 (St. Thomas Aquinas College)。洛克兰社区学院 (Rockland Community College) 是纽约州立大学 (SUNY) 系统的成员,是一个两年制的教育机构,授予副学士学位。

Studying Here

There are eight public school districts in Rockland County: Clarkstown, East Ramapo, Nanuet, North Rockland, Nyack, Pearl River, Ramapo, and South Orangetown. In addition to the elementary, middle, and high schools in these districts, there are also approximately 70 private and parochial schools that children attend beginning in Kindergarten (age 5) through high school (age 18).

Additionally, there are several acclaimed colleges in Rockland County: Dominican College; Iona College, Rockland Graduate Center; Long Island University, Rockland Graduate Campus; Nyack College; and St. Thomas Aquinas College. Rockland Community College, a member of the State University of New York (SUNY) system, is a two-year institution that grants Associate’s degrees.



纽约州洛克兰县是一个蓬勃发展的社区,生活和工作于此以及来此观光的人们可以享受高品质的生活。这里的居民乐享安全的社区、各式各样的文化娱乐活动,以及由于洛克兰县的开放空间保护计划 (Open Space Preservation Program) 而蓬勃发展的、广泛的公园系统。这里人口多元化,学校、学院和大学都很出色,另外医疗保健和人类服务水平也极高。

有五个城镇:Clarkstown、Haverstraw、Orangetown、Ramapo 和 Stony Point。各镇都下辖独特的小村庄和小村落。县政府坐落在新城 (New City)。Grandview、Haverstraw、Nyack 和 Piermont 坐落在哈德森河畔。Pomona、Stony Point 和 Suffern 的乡野生活氛围更为浓厚。

Living Here

Rockland County, New York, is a thriving community offering a high quality of life to those who live, work, and visit here. Families enjoy safe neighborhoods, a wide range of recreational and cultural activities, and an extensive park system that has grown because of Rockland's Open Space Preservation Program. There is a diverse population, outstanding schools, colleges and universities, and excellent health care and human services.

There are five towns: Clarkstown, Haverstraw, Orangetown, Ramapo, and Stony Point. Each has smaller, distinctive villages and hamlets within them. New City is the seat of county government. Grandview, Haverstraw, Nyack, and Piermont sit along the Hudson River. Pomona, Stony Point, and Suffern enjoy a more rural lifestyle.



超过 31 万人住在纽约州的洛克兰县。县居民的年龄中位数为 38.8 岁。平均每户人口为 3.07 人,家庭收入中位数为 84,027.00 美元。人口组成非常多样,有 73.2% 的居民自认为是白种人,15.7% 为西班牙裔或拉丁裔,11.9% 为黑人或非洲裔美国人,6.3% 为美洲印第安人或其他某个种族。亚洲族裔的人口比例为 6.2%。

资料来源:2010 年美国人口普查


More than 310,000 people live in Rockland County, New York. The median age of county residents is 38.8 years. The average household is comprised of 3.07 people, and the median household income is US$84,027.00. The population is richly diverse, with 73.2% people identifying themselves as White/Caucasian, 15.7% Hispanic or Latino Origin, 11.9% Black or African American, and 6.3% American Indian or some other race. The percentage of population representing Asian ethnic groups is 6.2%.

Source: 2010 United State Census


Staying Here

Rockland County has many places to stay for all accommodation levels. From international brand hotels to small bed & breakfasts, you can find it all here. Full-service hotels offer modern hospitality and amenities. Some hotels will provide you with slippers and teakettles in your rooms.