5 Ways to Enjoy the Hudson River
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July 24, 2018
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September 27, 2018

There’s no better way to enjoy the Hudson River than by visiting it yourself. Throughout the year, there are various activities in the area that you can participate in. Whether you enjoy hiking, learning about history, dining or relaxing on a luxurious boat ride, you will be sure the enjoy your time near the Hudson River.

Piermont Marsh
Piermont Marsh is the northernmost salt marsh and the largest undeveloped wetland on the Hudson River. There is public access to the marsh, with limited parki

ng, for strolling along the edge. The trail begins at the edge of the mountains and is approximately 0.5 miles long. Access the marsh via canoe/kayak through rental services or catch views from Tallman Mountain State Park of the marsh and pier. https://www.dec.ny.gov/lands/92365.html

Nyack Boat Charter
Want to experience the Hudson River on the Hudson River? Sail aboard a luxurious sailboat or take a tour of the Tappan Zee Bridge construction project and Nyack’s riverfront mansions on a speedboat. There is the option to take a short 2 hour ride, do a full day sail or stay overnight on the river. http://nyackboatcharter.com/

Don Coqui
Enjoy a relaxing meal along the Hudson River at Don Coqui. The premier destination for authentic Puerto Rican food in the Hudson Valley will make you feel like you have travelled to another country, but with the breathtaking views of the river.  Don’t forget to enjoy a drink at the bar!

Edward Hopper House Art Center
Located in his previous residence, built by his grandfather, the Edward Hopper House celebrates the artists representation of life in America. Visit the center and explore the art exhibit or enjoy any of the art workshops. http://www.edwardhopperhouse.org/

Stony Point Lighthouse
Travel back in time by visiting the Stony Point Battlefield State Historic Park. Enjoy excellent views of the Hudson River by visiting the the historic 19th century Stony Point Lighthouse. Visitors can also enjoy special programs throughout the weekend including historical tours, presentations and 19th century demonstrations. http://explorerocklandny.com/listings/one-of-the-american-revolutions-most-important-victories-weekend-features-include-living-history-camp-with-blacksmithing/