5 Hikes in Rockland County with a Unique Pay Off
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June 5, 2018
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August 21, 2018

Rockland County, NY offers a variety of hiking trails with spectacular views of the Hudson River and the Hudson-Highlands Mountains. Many offer unique experiences, like walking through a ghost town or near waterfalls. Here are five hikes in Rockland County with a unique pay off.

Perkins Memorial Tower, Bear Mountain, NY
Take in the panoramic four-state view from Perkins Memorial Tower during your hike on Bear Mountain. The hike begins at the parking lot near the Bear Mountain Inn. The hike will consist mostly of stairs, so breaks are important. Don’t want to hike it? You can drive up there, too! http://bit.ly/2N9HPF6

Doodletown, Stony Point, NY
The once isolated hamlet of Doodletown (first settled in the 1700s) is now a ghost town located along the trail of Bear Mountain. The town is easily accessible via various trials — the easiest being through the parkingarea on 9W near Iona Island. There are still foundations, walls and stairs in the area along with cemeteries that are centuries old. http://bit.ly/2L1hT15

Buttermilk Falls County Park, West Nyack, NY
Enjoy the wildlife trail leading to the cascading waterfalls in Buttermilk Falls Park. Take a moment and break at the base of the falls for a picnic. Throughout you will also catch great views of the Hudson River and surrounding area. https://bit.ly/2Lixx8b

Hook Mountain, Nyack, NY
There are many beautiful trails along Hook Mountain that will show off the Hudson River. Take Long Path — not only will you get great exercise, you’ll also get a look at Rockland’s past. The remnants of old docks were the landing points for boats that transported ice from Rockland Lake to New York City throughout the 1800s. Though it’s a six-mile hike, the trip is worth it. http://bit.ly/2L8Uvvq

Kennedy Dells County Park, New City, NY
Does your dog like to accompany you on hikes? Bridle Path in Kennedy Dells County Park is often frequented by dogs and their owners. This is a shorter path and one suited for hikers of all levels. Do a little more exploring by taking the road to the remains of a dam and the ruins of an old stone pumphouse. https://bit.ly/2JwKbeP

For more hiking trails and outdoor activities in Rockland County visit http://explorerocklandny.com/